Physical Therapists in Omaha NE

Physical Therapists in Omaha NE

Physical Therapists in Omaha NE

Physical therapy is a medical practice that focuses on improving pain and movement. It helps patients of all ages recover from injuries or disease. The therapists conduct physical evaluations and prescribe treatments such as exercises and massage.

The team at FYZICAL Omaha provides a unique combination of compassion and quality. They utilize the PRI evaluation and treatment technique, which is a holistic posture-based approach to healing. The clinic also offers online consultations and teletherapy services.

C.O.R.E. Physical Therapy and Sports Performance

Whether it’s an old injury or a new one, physical therapy can help you recover. It can restore the range of motion of your limbs and improve your balance and strength. It can also help you prevent injuries in the future.

Physiotherapy clinics in Omaha treat a wide variety of medical conditions, including musculoskeletal injuries and postural issues. They offer a range of services, such as dry needling and edema reduction. They are also experienced in treating sports and orthopedic injuries.

Miller Orthopedic Specialists Physical Therapy provides innovative and effective treatments that enhance an individual’s ability to perform beyond normal levels. Their individualized programs are designed to assist individuals in recovering from injuries, preventing injuries from occurring, and improving their quality of life.

Siegmund Physical Therapy

Siegmund Physical Therapy is a health and fitness center that offers a variety of treatments to reduce muscle pain. They also provide one-on-one sessions and customized programs. The staff also teaches patients how to use their rehabilitation equipment at home.

The founders of this facility are a husband-and-wife team with decades of professional experience. They are experienced in treating athletes and other patients with complex injuries. They are also knowledgeable in guiding clients through insurance claim procedures.

Located in Elkhorn, Siegmund Physical Therapy Pc provides physical therapy and other services. The office accepts many types of health insurance, including Medicare. The staff can also speak Spanish.

Horizon Rehabilitation Centers

Horizon Rehabilitation Centers provides a variety of treatments to help patients overcome drug addiction. The company collaborates with local hospitals and health care facilities to provide comprehensive substance abuse treatment programs for addicts. These programs help addicts detoxify, reform, and prepare for a successful reintegration into society.

Physical therapy is a medical practice that involves therapeutic exercises to restore normal body functions and reduce pain. It also focuses on improving balance and mobility in people of all ages with medical problems or injuries.

Siegmund Physical Therapy in Omaha specializes in treating chronic pain and sports-related injuries. It offers one-on-one sessions and customized programs for each client. The staff also teaches clients how to use recovery equipment.

Premier Therapy Associates

Premier Therapy Associates specializes in physical and occupational rehabilitation. The company offers free consultations and provides medical evaluations. Its services are available for patients with musculoskeletal problems, including back pain and neck injuries. The company’s therapists also work with children to improve their articulation and vocalization skills.

The company’s therapists are highly knowledgeable and provide excellent customer service. They are also able to help clients manage their insurance claims and navigate the process of obtaining physical therapy. The company’s employees are also empathetic and treat their clients with respect. In addition, the company stresses consistent one-on-one patient care at each session. This allows for individualized treatment plans that focus on meeting each client’s specific goals.

Midwest Physical Therapy Services

Licensed Physical Therapists in Omaha NE treat patients with medical conditions that affect their joints, muscles, and bones. They help people of all ages improve their pain, movement, and strength. They work under the supervision of physicians and may use cold, heat, water, electricity, massage, or other techniques to improve a patient’s condition.

Midwest Physical Therapy Services is a private physical therapy practice in Omaha. Its team treats men’s and women’s health diagnoses, such as urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunctions, fibromyalgia, and pelvic pain after surgery. They also provide home exercise programs. The clinic is open from Monday to Saturday.

Advanced Prosthetics Center

The Hanger Clinic specializes in prosthetic and orthotic care. Its goal is to be the partner of choice for services and products that enhance human physical capability. It works closely with physicians and physical/occupational therapists to evaluate patient needs. It also oversees the fabrication, design and fitting of prosthetics and orthotics.

Physical therapists relieve pain and improve movement and balance for individuals of all ages with injuries or debilitating diseases. They collaborate with doctors to learn about patients’ needs, and teach them exercises and how to use recovery equipment. They also monitor and alter treatment as necessary. Their clients include children with traumatic and congenital hand amputations, and those with metabolic bone disease.

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